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Journal Articles

  1. Odeh, M., Levin, D., Inziello, J., Lobo Fenoglietto, F. L., Mathur, M., Hermsen, J., Stubbs, J., Ripley B. (2019). Methods for Verification of 3D Printed Anatomic Model Accuracy. 2019 3D Printing in Medicine. Accepted

Conference Proceedings

  1. Odeh, M., Nichols, E. D., Fenoglietto, F. L., & Stubbs, J. (2018). Real-Time, Non-Contact Position Tracking of Medical Devices and Surgical Tools Through the Analysis of Magnetic Field Vectors. 2018 Design of Medical Devices Conference. doi:10.1115/dmd2018-6862
  2. Boutelle, M., Odeh, M., Fenoglietto, F. L., & Stubbs, J. (2019). Cost Effective Laparoscopic Trainer Utilizng Magnetic-Based Position Tracking. 2019 Design of Medical Devices Conference. Accepted