PD3D | Exoskeleton
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About This Project

Current exoskeletons suffer shortcomings in weight, battery life, movement limitations, and user discomfort creating a defense challenge. Our approach is a customized modular exoskeleton design integrating smart components, no-tools-required maintenance, and 3D printed efficiency creating a custom-fit system with ease of modification and replacement all accomplished with a quick connect assembly.
Each exoskeleton solution will entail optically scanning individual participants to customize exoskeleton design components and calibrate biomechanical response and actuation parameters. This ensures systems are appropriately matched in size, shape, and response to the user and function. Rapid laser digital scans create design geometry to enable an anatomy-specific baseline for 3D printing parts versus a one-size-fits-all approach. Calibration of actuation and mobilization features for each user ensures the appropriate amount of gain and control in each movement. This customization helps increase mobility parameters specific to individual body types and abilities while compensating for previous or preventing future injury. Our 3D printed composite materials and embedded electronics provide increased movement and decreased weight. While our self-sufficient, independent operating, wireless, self-charging system provides power to each self-standing module using its own distributed power source or collectively to the entire system.
The result of this effort is a customized, modular exoskeleton system that geometrically fits the user calibration while accommodating to user and task/mission requirements. Materials with tunable mechanical properties offer soft/flexible to high strength capabilities, while decreasing system weight. Finally, this modular system works independently as a single unit or dependently as a complete exoskeleton system.
3D Printing, Scanning